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Alejandro Flórez & Tibaguí

The album Malandanza by Alejandro Flórez & Tibaguí, on sale at CD Baby.

The personnel:
Sam Sadigursky on woodwinds
Jorge Roeder on bass
Túpac Mantilla on percussion
Alejandro on acoustic guitar and all compositions.

Tibaguí also recorded the album Retrato in 2008. On it you can hear:
Sam Sadigursky on woodwinds
Pedro Giraudo on double bass
Franco Pinna on drums
Nilko Andreas on guitar
Sebastian cruz on tiple
and Lucia Pulido, appearing as a special guest on vocals.


Live at Le Poisson Rouge, Encuentro de Músicos Colombianos en NY, October 2011, a Festival organized by Folklore Urbano's Pablo Mayor. With guests Dan Blake on sax and Franco Pinna on drums:

Live at La Esquina concert series, curated by Pablo Mayor, on April 2013.


Pasillo, live at Terraza 7 Live Music
With Pedro Giraudo on Bass.



Cucaracha Tricolor, Malandanza

Cucaracha Tricolor


El gran guayabo de los hogares colombianos, Malandanza

El gran guayabo de los hogares colombianos


Glass Dust, Malandanza

Glass Dust


Cansao, Retrato



About Tibaguí

I started the band in 2006 as a New York version of the traditional trio of guitars from Colombia. The trio had bandola (a mandolin-like instrument), tiple (similar to the cuban tres) and guitar. We added woodwinds, double bass and percussion, and in 2008 we released a colorful album with extended compositions and improvisation. The Latin American version of Rolling Stone magazine called our first album, Retrato, "flawless" and "essential (...) to understand the new wave of Colombian music". During three years of work and continuous change, the band has appeared in several important venues in NYC, including Highline Ballroom, Le Poisson Rouge and Cornelia Street Café. It has also been invited to jazz festivals and concert halls overseas, including performances at Universities and performance spaces in Colombia, and recently Jazz al Parque, in Bogotá, Colombia, the largest of its kind in Latin America. The latest album, Malandanza, is an adventurous blend of jazz and Colombian elements that goes beyond "fusion" and looks for the essence of Colombian music, an essence that can be at once playful and serious, tragic and humorous. Writing for All About Jazz, Lawrence Peryer recently said of Malandanza: "Florez's quartet uses traditional folk melodies as starting points for very modern, sophisticated and engaging improvisations. (…) Surprising sonic moments abound. (…) With Malandanza, Florez and Tibagui use a rich musical tradition to create a completely modern and original sound."

Photo Gallery

Click You can view pictures of the recording session of Malandanza on Tibaguí's gallery.

Free download!

Download a song from the album Malandanza (right- or ctrl-click to save): Algo Más Melódico

Press and Interviews

Read the recent review of Malandanza, writen by Lawrence Peryer for All About Jazz, here.

Another short blurb, with audio, from Dave Sumner at Bird is the Worm.

WNYC featured a gig we had on their Gig Alert page on August 24, 2011. Here's the link, a short article and a song!

An interview (in Spanish) from the radio station Javeriana Estéreo in Bogotá, Colombia. You will find in it several songs from the album: Entrevista con Andrés Samper

Another program (also in Spanish) from UNRadio (Radio at the National University in Colombia) featuring the music from Malandanza after our show in the Jazz al Parque Festival: Programa Jazz la Hora, con Rafael Serrano