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The Gallo Flórez Duo

The great photographer Peter Gannushkin took this and other great pictures at our last show in Brooklyn. Visit his site here to see more. He is truly a an amazing artist, and has done a lot of work documenting improvised music in NYC.


Currently we are working on our second album. We've recorded a few of the pieces, and we hope to finish it this Summer. You can hear a sample track of that recording below. We'll also be presenting some of this new music during Summer 2012, so come back for updates!

Meleyólamente, our first album, has compositions by both Ricardo and myself. The music is based on Colombian Andean rhythms, free jazz and improvisation.


Live at Matik-Matik, a venue of experimental music in Bogota, Colombia. We performed for the first Festival of Festina Lente Discos, the Colombian label which released our first album.


Acueducto, from our upcoming album (title TBD)



Don Contubernio, from our first album Meleyolamente



Ni ebla el paramo, from our first album Meleyolamente



About The Gallo Flórez Duo:

Originally from Bogotá Colombia, pianist Ricardo Gallo and guitarist Alejandro Flórez have been generating several projects that relate contemporary musical expressions to the musical traditions of their homeland. In this duo project, they present their own pieces inspired by the string music from the Colombian Andes. Alejandro Flórez plays in this project tiple and bandola, two traditional string instruments from the region. Gallo and Flórez explore the possibilities of improvisation departing from the sounds and compositions of this unlikely duo. Gallo and Flórez have presented their work in Bogotá, several venues in New York City, in Long Island (N.Y.), and in Ottawa and Montreal invited by the Embassy of Colombia in Canada. Their debut album “Meleyólamente” was recorded in August 2008 in Bogotá Colombia, mixed and mastered in NYC, and released in February 2009 under the new Colombian independent label Festina Lente Discos. It was among the best 10 CDs from Colombia in 2009 according to Semana Magazine. Currently they are preparing their second album, to be recorded during 2012. Press Kit Here.