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Guitar Classes for Adults In Jackson Heights With Alejandro Flórez

Whether you are a beginner or want to get to the next level, you can learn to play the guitar in a fun, relaxed environment.
Convenient schedule...
Experienced instructor...
Very affordable!

I have been teaching group guitar classes for the Greenwich Adult and Continuing Education Program in Greenwich, CT, for over two years. I have seen how much faster adults learn in this setting compared to private lessons, so I have decided to offer similar courses in my own neighborhood. Below you will find descriptions for the two levels available. Feel free to choose the one that is right for you.

Lessons will take place in a convenient location in Jackson Heights (TBD).

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. You can fill out the form in the contact page or email me at

Beginner Guitar

The Beginner Session will get you going with basic chords, strumming and essential techniques to play well-known songs and styles. If you've never picked up the instrument, or if you used to play but feel like you need a refresher, this class is right for you. We'll start from scratch and guide you gradually all the way to switching chords and playing complete songs. Our repertoire will be based on familiar folk, rock and pop songs. Once mastered these skills allow you to easily transition to the Intermediate Session (see below), continue with private lessons or even learn on your own from the many resources available in print and online. Please provide your own guitar.

You will learn:
One-finger chords C, G and G7
Basic strumming to the beat
Common progressions for C, G and G7
Full chords: D7, Am and Em
Basic playing of riffs
Full chords: C, G and G7

List of songs:

We will learn, among others:
Happy Birthday
Yellow Submarine
Eleanor Rigby
Blowin' in the Wind
Hey Jude
Stand by Me
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Let It Be
You Are My Sunshine

Click here to view a sample of a handout used in the class.

Duration: 10 weeks (we meet once a week for one hour)
Cost: $165
Dates: 10/5 to 12/14
Time: Monday 7pm
Location: Jackson Heights, TBD
Number of seats: 10

Intermediate Guitar

The Intermediate Session is designed for people who already have some experience playing (even if just a few private or group lessons) and would like to refine their knowledge and skills, as well as expand their repertoire. Using a variety of playing techniques (e.g. fingerstyle, advanced strumming patterns, riff and melodic playing), the class will advance through a varied repertoire that includes folk, rock, blues and even a bit of classical guitar. Examples of artists studied include Rolling Stones, Beatles, Green Day, Coldplay, Eagles, Kansas, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Arlo Guthrie, Simon & Garfunkel, Don McLean, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd… you get the idea! Plus, if there is a song you'd like to learn, suggest it and will be included in the list. Please provide your own guitar.

You will learn:
Strumming:Common modern folk and pop strumming patterns, using fingers or pick, in 4/4 and 3/4
Fingerstyle basics: using the fingers of the right hand
Barre chords: how to find great barre replacements for common Major, minor and 7th chords
Riffs, melodies and passing notes: one guitar can sound like a whole band
For more advanced students: melodic and solo playing
Common chords used: all open chords (C D E G A; Am Dm Em; barre chords such as F, B, Cm, Fm, etc.; 7th chords, such as C7, B7, E7, etc.)
How to decipher a piece of sheet music: understanding basic notation

List of songs:

In the past I have used many of these:
Norwegian Wood
House of the Rising Sun
In My Life
Hotel California
Dust in the Wind
Redemption Song
Wish You Were Here
Heart of Gold
Piano Man
City of New Orleans
Hey Joe
American Pie
Sounds of Silence
Wild Horses
Darkest Hour
Love In Vain
Man of Constant Sorrow
Time in a bottle
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

But anyone in the class is welcome to suggest a new song and I will gladly transcribe it and bring it into the next meeting.

Click here to view a sample of a handout used in the class.

Duration: 10 weeks (we meet once a week for one hour)
Cost: $165
Dates: 10/5 to 12/14
Time: Monday 8pm
Location: Jackson Heights, TBD
Number of seats: 10

How To Register

You can choose to register by check or by credit card using PayPal's secure system (you don't need a PayPal account, only an email address where you will receive the bill). Please note: there is a $4 convenience charge if you sign up using a credit card. This is to offset PayPal's fees.

1. Send an email to
2. Specify whether you will be signing up with check or credit card via PayPal.
3. Depending on your preference, you will receive either an email with the physical address to send the check, or a bill from PayPal to process your credit card payment.
4. Once payment has been received and processed, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt of payment.

About Alejandro:


I started playing the guitar when I was young (about 8 or 9 years old), and have been playing professionally since I was 15. I have taught both private lessons and group classes for the past 15 years, first while completing my Bachelor's and Master's degrees, then after my move to NYC to pursue my career. I have always enjoyed doing it because, coming from a family of teachers, I feel connected to the methodology and the process of learning, and I'm committed to helping students reach their potential. I was always very lucky in that I had excellent teachers, and most of what I teach and the way I transmit it comes from those great experiences. Since I am also active as a guitarist and composer, I try to share the great joy that it is to make music in any setting, in a way that I hope is inspiring and inviting.

To read more about my work as a teacher and musician, visit the main page.

But don't take my word for it...

"My 10-year-old son has been taking private guitar lessons with Alejandro for the past year and he has made amazing progress. He looks forward to his lessons and is excited to show me what he has learned after the lesson. Since no one in our family plays the guitar, Alejandro has taken the time to videotape himself playing new songs for my son to watch as he practices as home. Although my son is primarily interested in learning chords for pop songs, Alejandro has been able to motivate him to learn classical guitar technique as well. It’s incredible how much Alejandro has taught him during their weekly lessons."
-Alexis Andrews, Jackson Heights

"Since my first session in Alejandro's Intermediate Guitar group two years ago, I haven't missed a lesson since and have signed up for more this fall (if only my high school and college class attendance had been that consistent). These lessons are appropriate for those playing either nylon string, classical guitars or steel string, flat top acoustic instruments. Each evening we learn a new song and often a new right hand strum or finger style pattern, as well. Further, Alejandro's selection of songs for the group to learn is pleasantly eclectic-acoustic folk, folk rock, blues, traditional, classic rock, even a classical piece now and then. He also will take student requests to learn a song in a specific music genre or by a certain artist from time to time, but I tend to enjoy his own selections that introduce me to learning I might not have pursued on my own. Alejandro also occasionally adds a bit of easy-to-comprehend music theory that helps us better understand and navigate the fretboard which in turn improves our playing skills. Alejandro's teaching style is "flexibly relaxed," not rigid, "one size fits all" in structure. He works with those students who may be somewhat less skilled than others in the class to help him/her understand and master the song and/or playing technique that is the focus of that evening's lesson. And, for those relatively more experienced, Alejandro will add a flourish or nuance to performing that evening's song which further enriches the value of that lesson. Having taken several private, one-on-one lessons in the past, I find this particular program to represent far greater "bang for the buck." Fun too!"
-Geoffrey Clarkson, Greenwich, CT

"My two sons now ages 11 and 9 years old have been receiving guitar lessons from Alejandro for the last three years. My sons absolutely love going to their lessons, fighting over who will go first. He is always adjusting the lesson to their level and age. He makes it fun by incorporating games and including them in the selection of music. Alejandro is very patient and understanding when working with them both."
-Christine Toner, Jackson Heights

"As a (former science) teacher myself, I can be quite critical of my peers. Alejandro has a gift for knowing where his students are musically, and working with them while within a group at the same time. That's the definition of a great teacher. You'll leave class wondering if you had not just had a private lesson."
-Paul Wicht, Greenwich, CT

"My son has loved his guitar lessons with Alejandro! Alejandro has gotten him excited about playing the guitar by using his favorite songs while also introducing him to classic guitar anthems. I have nothing but positive things to report about our experience with Alejandro - my son looks forward to his lesson each week."
-Erika Hughes Hooper, Jackson Heights

"I’ve enjoyed taking the guitar classes with Alejandro. Since I began in January, I have a stronger fluency in guitar chords and strumming techniques. Alejandro has helped me to develop an effective practice routine by starting with a musical composition and breaking down its individual components until I have mastered specific chord transitions or strumming patterns. I appreciate his open-minded approach to instruction and the flexibility of his teaching style. He shares a broad spectrum of technical knowledge during each lesson and is genuinely interested in what he can do to help students explore their interests while they work toward achieving their artistic goals. I approach each lesson with confidence, knowing that I will continue to grow as a musician. Most importantly, the lessons are a lot of fun because we learn to fine tune our skills by playing popular music together."
-Julia Morrison, Greenwich, CT