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Current Projects


Visit Tibaguí's page here. Current members are Jorge Roeder on bass, Túpac Mantilla on percussion and Sam Sadigursky on woodwinds. The band has included several fine musicians, including Sebastián Cruz on tiple, Andreas Guarín on guitar, Pedro Giraudo on bass, and Franco Pinna on percussion, as well as LucĂ­a Pulido and Michael Leonhart as guest vocalists.

Gallo / Flórez Duo

Ricardo Gallo and I formed this group in 2005. We play original compositions by both of us. The insipiration comes again from Colombian music, but we also improvise quite freely in this context. You can visit the Duo's page here

The Tin Throat Trio

Sometimes enlarged to become the Tin Throat Ensemble, this project is a free improvisation group where we also experiment with compositions. Listen to a pair of unreleased recordings on the Trio's page